Summer and Fall……Growing to GRATENESS

My mind was in a million places at once yesterday even though it should have been focused on Margaret Atwood who happened to be the subject at hand in  my English class.  My mind was racing trying to come up with solutions for all the challenges that this month would bring,  they would be huge challenges. I wanted to cry at that very moment and I suddenly allowed myself to become overwhelmed by my thoughts.  I was worried about getting to work on time right after class was done,  I was worried about getting home from work, I was worried about the escalating costs of textbooks for each class, I was worried about rent, I was worried passing all my classes and I was worried about not being able to go to Ottawa next year. Case in point, I was worried.  Worried that I wouldn’t make it.

As the worries began to grow I  began to look at the faces surrounding me and started to think how lucky they were to be so fortunate not to be in my situation.  As I looked around my gaze fell on one of my classmates and I stopped for a few minutes.  Here was a young man in his third year in college with an aide. He has to use a special device to speak as well as a special wheel chair. As I looked  at him, he was grinning from ear to ear, just as happy as can be to be able to attend class. Although,  I couldn’t see it on his face I am sure that he has worries as well but he did not allow them to overwhelm his spirit. He smile put me at ease.

As we begin the change from summer to fall it reminds me that our lives too, are going through changes. Summer was hot and happy and everything was good,  fall is a little cool, exciting and change is evident.  As I see the colours of the leaves begin to change from green to yellow, I realize that I too must change and adapt. Nothing stays the same. I may now be a broke college student living off minimum wage I am working to change my situation. I must realize that challenges are obstacles that I must work hard to overcome.

Junior Galette just signed a forty million dollar contract with The New Orleans Saints. As I read that I thought lucky duck he is, but as I read further I discovered that he was born in a poor district in Port au Prince, Haiti. He was so poor that he couldn’t even afford a basketball to play with as a kid. After he signed his contract his teammates decided to fill his locker room with basketballs.  The kid who could not afford a single basketball as a kid now had a locker room filled with basketballs and just about forty million dollars richer. My point is…….don’t get overwhelm just smile and work hard and one day you will get your locker room full of basketballs.

Enjoy the colours of fall.

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