It’s National Coffee Day….

It’s National Coffee day and I detest coffee, sorry folks. I simply can not drink any coffee unless it’s Haitian coffee. Maybe it’s me holding on to childhood memories of having a thermos of hot Haitian coffee at six years old “yes Haitian kids drink coffee every morning” but whatever it is I love Haitian coffee. North American coffee on the other hand, not so much.

As today is national coffee day “if you live in Canada it’s coffee day everyday” I hope that you take the time out to thank the people who serve you every morning. As most people require coffee to begin their morning your servers were probably up at 4 or 5am putting on a fresh pot for you. Some may serve more than 100 customers an hour at a speed of 18 seconds per customers because you like to have your coffee fast and ready to go. You expect them to smile and greet you with a “good morning” and wish you a “great day”. Today why don’t you make the task yours,  make sure that you smile back, reply to their “good morning” wish them a great day, and let them know that ot’s ok if they’re not going so fast this morning. Pay it forward by buying the coffee of the person in line behind you on honour of the person who served you coffee this morning.

Whether you’re at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Mcdonald’s or the long line at the drive-thru of your local Timmies remember it’s National Coffee Day and smile your biggest smile. ☺


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