Pinks, Purples, and Pumpkins

I can’t believe that it’s October already, can you? Just the other day I was writing down new year’s resolutions and now I’m getting ready for the first midterm of the semester and Canadian Thanksgiving and it suddenly occurs to me that October is really here. Eckkkk. After  October comes November and then it’s Christmas, double Eck. October is always filled with lots to do from Ocktoberfest and Breast Cancer Awareness to Domestic violence awareness to hallloween and of course Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s always interesting how fast the time goes by and if you’re not prepared it sneaks right up on you.

I absolutely love the beautiful bright colours of fall and I’m always excited because I get to wear my boots and my colourful scarves and I get to run through the leaves. I always try to apply the seasons to my life and fall always bring a lot of changes for me. As the leaves change colours and eventually fall away to give way to new leaves in the Spring, we should always try to make changes in our lives as well. There are certain bad habits that we have that we need to let go off and that may include bad friends. This fall do something new and exciting, something that you never though you would do.

As I prepare to sit my first midterm of the semester I am reminded to be ever grateful for being back into a school setting. I have been out of the education system for four years and I am happy that I was strong willed enough to come back. Instead of complaining about studying for a mid term I’m thankful for the opportunity. So as we focus on pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, purple for Domestic Violence Awareness, remember that pumpkin isn’t only for your pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, it’s also for Thanksgiving wit family and friends.


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