June Bugs Are Here.



I have no idea how June got here so fast. I feel as if it was just January yesterday. Can someone please tell me where did the time go? Wow. I am really at a lost for words but I am still looking forward to the best that June has to offer and hopefully it brings the best of everything.  I recently went back to work after being off for more than a year and it’s hard getting back into the grove of the working world. I now actually have to wake up when my alarm clock goes off, no more snoozing. Since June is here then summer is right around the corner which means that I’m just like everyone else rushing the get that perfect beach body “even though there really are no beaches here in Alberta”. I look forward to eating healthy again but also working out which will include jogging and zumba. I tried zumba for the first time with a group of people “because doing it on your own while watching music videos on youtube doesn’t count” and let me say I am officially addicted. Zumba music is simply contagious and makes you want to shake your rear end like it’s a block party. I will try my best to keep updating with what I am up to and hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures to share.

Happy June Bugs’ Day


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