My Most Prized Possession



My most prized possession is not an object or something that I can place a monetary value on, to me my most prized possession is priceless. I haven’t written a blog post in over a month and it’s not because I don’t have anything to write about it is simply because I lack the motivation to do so, that is until today. There are several items that I currently have in my possession that if they were suddenly misplaced or lost would cause me to cry for several days. Those items are two pictures, a pair of mitts, and a red leather jacket “ faux”. Although, those items are now considered to be  very precious to me, they are not my most valuable possessions. My most valuable possessions are the memories that I have and will continue to cherish of my brother who is no longer here on earth with us.

The two pictures that I have make up part of the memories that I now hold precious, one was taken at his high school graduation and the other was taken after his hockey game which ended in a loss.  Although he was sad that his team lost, he took the time “even though he was still pouting” to take a picture with me. I had been to many of his games before but at this particular game for some strange reason I decided that I wanted to take a picture with him in his hockey gear. With those pictures comes memories and those memories are my most prized possessions. They mean a lot to me because they remind me of all of the good times that we had. Every time I think of something that we did it always makes smile, I only cry after I realize that it’s all I have now.

I am beyond grateful and happy that I have those memories. There are people who are left with millions upon millions of dollars as possessions after they lose a loved one but very few of them can boast of having great memories of the person who left the millions behind. My brother left me with great friends and great memories. Memories that would last us a lifetime, memories that  would forever brings smiles to our faces. As we sit together as a family we can have conversations for hours about all the times that we spent and how much fun we had. We have memories from baseball, from hockey, from the Dominican Republic, from Christmas dinners, from Easter dinners, from every birthday party, from backyard bbq’s, from bets that we made, from nights out on the town, from sleep overs, from hospital runs, from every minute that we have spent together, from arguments, from date set ups to everything else. The best memories were those that we spent together and everyone of them make me smile.

I am glad that the things that I hold dear to my heart are not things at all. They are people in my life. My family, my friends, my loved ones. I have learned to appreciate people as most valuable and place them against everything else. Remember to create memories.

Happy Tuesday


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