March Without The Madness



March is here and just like many others I am wondering where the time went. I have chosen to forgot most of January and February for many reasons but I haven’t made up my mind as yet about March. March will be bringing lots of festivities such as carnival, mardi-gras, St.Patrick’s celebrations, Lent, Easter, Easter bunnies and lots of chocolates just to name a few. Many people will be making travel arrangements as they look forward to the warmer season. I use to be one of those people who got excited for each new month, each new season and each new festivity, now I still look forward to those days but with a bit more caution.

I have learned to spend my time more wisely because time is precious. With all the madness that comes in March I am choosing to spend my time more with my family and close friends instead of just wasting time and calling it fun. Mind you I will continue to have fun and take in a few sports games here and there and also spend a few moments doing nothing but the majority of my time will be spent with family or focusing on self improvement.

Last year I was of the firm belief that March 2014 would change my life completely. I planned everything around that date; travelling, school, health, and the list goes on. I went to the gym and March was the month that I was going to see just how much progress I made. All of that is out of the window now. I am looking forward to everything that March brings and hope that I have the strength to deal with it all. I will still stick to my plans but priorities have changed.

As I look forward to this new month,  I welcome changes, I welcome new friends, I welcome new relationships, new challenges but most of all a renewed spirit and new strength. I wish everyone a great month of March and that throughout all the Madness that we remember to share lots of Kindness.

3 thoughts on “March Without The Madness

  1. In life as we grow older and our mindset/outlook on life evolve, we begin to take in the wonderful appreciation of the greater things….and not so much focus on the things we once used to focus on. So as to that we should always remind ourselves of who we are and what our purpose here on earth is.

  2. In life as we grow and evolve. Our mindset/outlook become the best of our appreciation…..because we’ve not only captivated a greater understanding of who we are, but by the fact that a candles flame is what guides our sleepy eyes and weary minds to greater heights of that new found “appreciation”.

    • Victoria, you are right and thank you so much for commenting. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I has taken me a long time to get here and I still have lots of growing and going to do. Thank you for the encouragement and I do hope you have a great week,

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