Let’s Remember Susan B. Anthony

Do you know who is Susan Brownell Anthony? She was an American woman born February 15, 1820. If you don’t think that she is that important you should perhaps consider giving up your right to vote as a woman. Believe it or not there was a time when society believed that women did not have the right to vote. When Susan B. Anthony voted in the presidential election of 1872 it was considered a crime

Today is the birthday of a pioneer, she fought for civil rights as well as women’s rights. She not only made her beliefs known she also travelled across the United States and Europe informing women that they had the same rights as their husband branding her a trouble maker by many. Being raised in a Quaker home she fought for the rights of slaves but was also very involved in the temperance movement.

Though voting is a practice that many take for granted it is a right not afforded to many of our fellow women around the world. Many women in the western hemisphere do not exercise their right to vote though we are afforded the opportunity. Driving, the right to education,  the right to make legal decisions, the right to choose a mate, the right to speak in public are still ideas very foreign to some women in many countries around the world.

Susan B. Anthony is a great example of pursuing a dream that many saw as being impossible to be realized. To honour Susan B. Anthony educate the young women in your family and friend circle about the struggle that women once faced in our society and the struggle that some women continue to face. Educate the boys and young men around you that women ought to be respected and treated as an equal. Susan B. Anthony fought a long and hard battle for women’s rights and we can continue to honour her legacy by being involved in actions that will make sure that the right of every woman is respected around the world. The best way to ensure that we keep her legacy alive is to make certain that we exercise our right to vote. Remember these words that Susan B. Anthony left for us as women, “Failure is impossible”.

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