Give From The Heart



Happy Valentine’s Day. Today is the day that love is in the air and many are trying to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. While this is a day filled with love, romantic dinners  and expensive gifts, there are those in our communities who are suffering and giving a gift from the heart will be the most romantic idea that you can come up with and will probably get you points with your significant other. There are some ways that you can be romantic by giving back to the community because that will for sure be giving from the heart.

Donate Blood

You can literally give a gift from the heart today by donating blood. Blood donations are always needed and there is never enough so every bit counts. On behalf of the love of you life you can give the gift of life by spending 15 minutes. There are blood banks located in just about every city and if you are not sure just walk into a hospital and inform them that you would like to donate blood for a cause. Donating blood not only helps others but it also helps you by giving you an idea if you are living a risky lifestyle or not. From premature babies to accident victims to cancer patients all need blood donations so your blood will be going to a great cause and remember that when you donate blood you are saving lives.

Dinner for the homeless

Candle light romantic dinners will be the order for this evening but there a millions of homeless people who are not sure about their next meal. When taking your significant other out for dinner tonight  stop by a homeless shelter or find a homeless person and purchase a meal for them. It will make their night because it would be a random act of kindness. Feed the homeless

Donate to a cause

Making a donation to an organization or a charity on behalf of someone is another great way to give from the heart. The Heart and Stroke Association has chosen February as national health month and millions of people suffer from heart conditions every day. Making a financial  donation to a cause such as this will give a gift that will help others near and far, it will ensure that people are informed about heart disease but also that they are able to get the help needed.

We living in a world filled with consumerism and so by giving back even a little can go a long way. As you celebrate this day of love remember that it is better to give than to receive.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Dee

2 thoughts on “Give From The Heart

  1. I have to say that not only are those some wonderful things to do on Valentine’s Day, but also just being able to spread the joy to others… using the gift of your voice and your word to say “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

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