Here’s to a New Start.


new year's resolution

So we are officially counting down the days to the end of January but do you know where is your new year’s resolutions list? Most people don’t even know where their new year’s resolution list is after they were written down. Few people make it to the first week of January and even fewer people make it to the end of January and it is simply because most of us do not know how to stick it out.

Two years ago I realized that I am different from the average person and that I am everything but.. normal so my new year’s resolutions list always begin on my birthday which is in September.  My list is always the number of my next birthday so it gives me something to look forward to and but also a specific target. I have been slacking since December so I have made it a point to start working on my list again this month. This January has been extremely difficult for me and I think that working on my  list again will be good for me. I have been doing some research on how to actually do the best of working towards accomplishing my goals so I will share with you as I go along and hopefully we can get it done together.

Here’s to working it out in 2014.

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