It’s Our First Birthday



We officially turned one year old today. Yayyyyyyy. I am so excited that I simply can not contain myself. It’s been a long year but it feels like it was just a day ago.  I feel like I am on the top of the world right now and really wish that I was on top of a mountain where I could scream at the top of my lungs, yes I am that excited.

The good folks who granted me interviews or wrote posts at the last minute, thank you all so much. You rescued me without even knowing it, be prepared for many more last minute interviews, thank you so much for sharing your stories.

When I posted my first blog post a year ago it was deal with myself to share my story honestly with others who may be going through some of the same struggles that I encounter ever day trying to be my best me. I never imagined that my blog would cause me to really dig deep into my life.

I have learned so much within this past year that I now have more stories to tell for more days to come. There is nothing better than celebrating and of course in order to really celebrate you have to share and so we’ll be hosting a huge giveaway of some of our favourite products right in time for the holiday season.  One month from today we will be giving away a special prize so make sure that you like us on facebook and youtube for your chance to win.

Watch out for clues  all over our website all month long and who knows, you just might walk away with something fabulous.

Lots of hugs and pretty shoes.

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