Hello November…. Let’s Get Naked



Happy November, I realize that I am a few days late but better late than never right? November is here which means that next will come December followed by January which will be filled with new year’s resolutions that may not make it pass the second week of the new year so I have decided to get an early start and begin now. So I’ve decided that we should all get naked.

Now, just before you make that call and have me institutionalized just give let me explain.  As Christian women we sometimes cover ourselves too much. We try to cover up our sins, we attempt to cover our broken hearts, we cover our dreams, we cover our bodies and we cover our spiritual lives. We are afraid to be who we are meant to be because we simply throw something on and cover up instead of dealing with the issues. So we are going to get “Naked In November”.

We will take a look at some of the biggest issues that we are covering up that is keeping us from revealing ourselves to God and to our fellowman. Whether it’s the issue of weight, beauty, sex and broken relationships, finances, broken dreams or a much needed break, we will attempt to uncover the lies so that we can begin to live our truths.  Are you with me? Let’s get Naked In November.

Prepare yourself.

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