My Pink Story by Melisa….



I support the breast cancer awareness movement because I am a woman and I know and love other women. Breast cancer is not prejudice and it could happen to me or any woman that I love. For the past three years, I have participated in American Cancer Society Strides against Breast Cancer event and I think it is important for every woman to be proactive about breast cancer. One of the best ways to start is women to start is with their own health, by making health conscious decisions, regularly performing self breast exams and scheduling yearly  women’s exams with their physician. Also, women should  making sure to encourage other women to do the same.

As a nurse, I have seen many women battle breast cancer. Through it all, I’ve witnessed so much strength and love in these woman. So I walk in the memory of the women that didn’t make it and the breast cancer survivors that are still here to tell their stories. I know a few of these survivors personally and they truly inspire me because although cancer took their breasts, they didn’t allow it to take their spirit.

Melisa Jean-Charles
Makeup Artist
Owner of Beauty Beat By Mel
Instagram: beautybeatbymel
Facebook: Beauty Beat By Mel

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