My Pink Story by Darlene

I’m passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness because Breast Cancer is one of the leading the disease that is taking the lives of many of women in  The Bahamas.

My goal for breast cancer awareness is to promote and encourage women and men to have a yearly mammogram done to avoid breast cancer because early detection saves lives. In addition I love to help raise funds to assist those who are  already battling with cancer and unable to afford medication and chemotherapy.

I’m involved with the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group organization by volunteering my time to assist with selling items to raise funds to assist people who come to the organization seeking help financially. I also started a Bowl for Breast Cancer Tournament in honor of my sister’s name to give back to the SSBC organization. They supported her financially with medication and chemotherapy.

I would like to encourage those who are battling with cancer to continue to put their trust in God, all hope is not lost. The battles is not yours and it isn’t over until God  says it’s over. All things are possible with Him despite how the situation looks.

My favorite pink accessories to wear during the month of October are the pink t-shirts, pink bracelet, pink earrings and pink rings.


Darlene Sands

Nassau, Bahamas.

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