The Forgotten Faces Of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it’s the month that has more pink than Barbie’s birthday party. Pink accessories are used to bring awareness to this deadly disease but also to provide some help for women as they fight off cancer. Some faces are often forgotten in the fight against cancer and they are usually the poor, single mothers, immigrant women or those not able to afford health insurance.

As we fight against breast cancer remember that once cancer patient is one too many. Often times we reject bills and legislation geared towards helping the less fortunate because we don’t think it’s fair that we should help to pay for those who can’t afford to pay for themselves.

It is a huge struggle for those who are able to get proper medical treatment so just imagine for those women who can not. We should all work to make sure that everyone has the right to proper care no matter how much money they make. Healthcare should be made available to everyone.

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