My First Day in High School

“Tell us about your first day at something ā€” your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.” The Daily Post

My first day in high school is one that I would never forget and for many reasons. I went to high school in The Bahamas and even though my parents were advised to send me to the Christian school I persuaded them to allow me to go to a public school because I would be a better witness there for Christ than at a Christian school “the real reason though was because all of my friends would be going to that school” and my parents agreed. When I went to high school there was no separation of junior and senior high schools, we were all together from grades seven to twelve. It was exciting at first because my high school was said to have a lot of cute boys and I had seen some of them on the basketball team, the marching band and other high school teams and organizations. We were all excited as seventh graders who had just left the safety net of primary school to enter a big pond and swim with the big fish. We had been given pep-talks about how to get good grades, respect our teachers, be involved in school activities, have fun but most importantly how to avoid getting involved with the wrong crowd, but none of that prepared me for the unforgettable moment that I had on the first day of school when I met Kizzy.

Kizzy was a huge girl in the eleventh grade who had earned the reputation of being a legend. She was known to the principal, the staff and teachers, and of course the entire student population. She was to be avoided at all costs. She was part of a girl gang that did not take mercy on anyone who crossed their paths. They were known because they were all very large girls who seemed to weigh a ton, they all wore matching blue and white soccer socks pulled up to their knees and they wore matching blue and white ribbons and their hair was always fixed in two pony tails. The best thing to do was to avoid a dark corridor where they always seem to be even during class time and if you were crazy enough to step into their territory then you as a seventh, eight, or ninth grader will have to purchase lunch for them with your money and bring it back to them or else get beaten to a pulp. The school administrators knew this and so they decided that they would allow us little fish to go to the cafeteria ten minutes before the rest of the school so that we would at least get a chance to eat our lunch and for this we were all grateful. The bell rang and my friend and I rushed to get our lunches and chat about the handsome older boys we spotted earlier during assemblies and as we were new to the school took a wrong turn and ran right into Kizzy and her friends.

I was grabbed by my shirt by Kizzy and my friend was grabbed by one of the other girls, with our feet dangling. She reached into my uniform pocket and pulled out my lunch money which was $1.50. She said that since this was our first day of school she wouldn’t beat us up but that we would have to go and buy her lunch from the cafeteria with our lunch money and bring it back to her and that she would be waiting. We ran as fast as we could and hardly took a breath. When we arrived at the cafeteria I told my friend that Kizzy wouldn’t know who were anyway as there was about three hundred new seventh graders. I decided that I would buy my lunch and eat it in our classroom and just avoid the area where we now knew was Kizzy’s lair, she agreed. We bought our lunches and as we were heading out she said that she had to go to the library. I headed to my classroom and had not even made it in the door yet when message came that Kizzy would be waiting for me after school. I was devastated. I saw my friend who told me that she didn’t want to get beat up so she took her lunch to Kizzy and told her who I was and that Kizzy would be waiting for me after school at the gate, suddenly I couldn’t eat my lunch anymore as it seem to be my last meal. Some of my friends told me that getting beat up meant that I would miss a couple of days from school and that they secretly wished it was them, others told me to go to the nurses’ office until after school, I simply accepted my fate and prayed that God would perform a miracle for me like He did for Gideon and made time stand still. That didn’t happen and 3pm came far too quickly for me.

I walked to the school gate dragging my feet ever so slowly as I walked to my death surrounded by my friends showing their support even though others were to simply watch the fight. I spotted Kizzy and her huge entourage “no pun intended” and suddenly I felt weak. I was hoping to sneak by unnoticed but that didn’t go well as one of my classmates pointed me out and suddenly Kizzy came charging towards me with her gang in tow. She started to lecture me on how high school was a big pond; she was the big fish and I was a little fish and I needed to follow the chain of command. By this time we were in a circle and I was getting ready for the first punch when a miracle happened.

I heard someone call my name and at this point I thought it was St.Peter until I realized that the voice sounded familiar. I opened my eyes and realized that Kizzy had released her grip on me and that there was someone making their way towards us and then I saw him. My big brother…. I was never so happy to see anyone in my entire life. He said he was driving around and realized that school was out and decided that he would give me a ride home. I breathed a sigh of relief. Kizzy asked him how he knew me and he told her that I was his little sister and that if anyone messed with me that they were messing with him. He was known to many of the older kids as a tough person and I guess it they accepted what he said. He was not my biological brother we were in fact only neighbours but he had always looked out for me like a big brother would. Kizzy told him that she would look after me and I believed her because she did just that during the entire school year and the next. When I was in the ninth grade I found out that Kizzy passed away but I would never forget the fear that she put in me and how it someone stood up for me. It was that first day of being bullied in high school that made me the advocate of justice for all. I learned that we should always stand up for others and to fear no man but most importantly not to take advantage of others.

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