Dear Abby…..

Dear Abby,
I don’t need any adive from you on how to live my christian life, I think that I can do fine all on my own. Who left you in charge any way? Only God can judge me so keep your advice to yourself.
Signed, Your life’s not perfect either.

When it comes to adivice, I dislike taking them as much as I dislike giving them. In the past years however, I have learned how to take advice gracefully and how to even be more graceful when giving them. As a very opiniated person I try not to come across as a miss-know-it-all because I am really just a miss-goody-two shoes “get it” lol lol but every once in awhile I am faced with the situation of getting adivce usually unsoliciated and it takes a lot of courage to be able to smaile and say thank you for your concern.

As a church girl and a preacher’s daughter, the eyes of the entire congregation was fixed on me, what I was wearing, how I was speaking, who I was speaking to and how often I volunteered for church programs and depending on how I was doing I would get advice from the other members of the church. Some were very tactful in the way they said their piece and others were simply rude. I often remember them saying that we are each other’s keepers which is why they were constantly offering me advice. Now that I am older I actually appreciate those bits of advice because they kept me away from making some huge mistakes that I know whould have had a negative impact.

Remember King David and prophet Nathan? I am sure that David was not a bit pleased when he was approached by the prophet. How embarressing it must have been for King David? He had every right to ask prophet Nathan if it was any of his business because wasn’t it a private matter? Instead King David took to heart what the old prophet said and pleaded with God for mercy and forgiveness. Like many of us, King David made a mistake that not only affected him but also the woman he cheated with and her husband and also the child that they conceived during adultry. Our mistakes can be far reaching with huge consequences and like King David we must learn to hang our heads in shame and admit that we were wrong or that we made a mistake.

I have had to bite my tongue a few times when approached by people and given advice on my life. The more tact a person use the better I respond but I am still learning to respond positively when there are good advice that was just delivered wrong. We are all here to learn from each other and to help each other so the next time sometime offers you advice simply smile and say thank you even if you did not ask for it. Sometimes Abby is right and sometimes Abby is wrong but at least Abby is trying to help.

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