Blessings in The Workplace: “My Early Morning Angel”


beautiful good morning

For three years I worked the early morning shift which started at 5am at a coffee shop.  When I first got the job the very last thing on my mind was worrying about how I would get there because at that time I simply needed to be employed. My first month there I worked the evening shift which was actually good because it meant that I could get a ride from friends and it would be easy to walk back home. It was a forty minute walk and since I had started during the fall the weather was not so bad. When I suddenly placed on the early morning shifts however, it wasn’t always such a beautiful thing.

In order not to be late I would have to leave my apartment no later than 4am. I never knew how much courage I had until that first morning but I decided to make the best of it. The morning stars were beautiful and the moon suddenly seemed to be much closer. There were times that I would cry as I made that long walk as I thought about how far away from home I was without my family. I think God must have heard the cries and seen the tears because pretty soon I had an early morning angel every morning that I walked.

I never really got to see her face because 4am was still pretty dark but she was black and she had the biggest smile ever. She delivered newspapers and we were always on opposite sides of the street. The first morning I saw her I just remembered the joy that she had in her voice and the huge smile on her face as she waved and shouted good morning from across the street. “A beautiful good morning to you my child and I hope that you have a blessed day”, she would wave her free hand wildly as she shouted. It made my day each and every morning.  Without fail I would see her and without fail she would wish me a beautiful good morning and give me a beautiful smile.

We never spoke anything more than the pleasantries and that was all I needed. I never  knew her name and she never knew mine but every morning we exchanged greetings to each other. I appreciated those greetings even more during the winter months and I dragged myself through the thick Canadian snow. Her early morning greetings gave me enough strength to greet over eight hundred customers during my shift. She smile gave me a smile to pass on to customers whether they were grumpy or not. Her warmth gave me enough courage to say have a great day to customers even when after they were rude to me. The patience that enabled her to take time out to greet me meant that I had a little more patience to deal with elderly customers who had to take their time to count their change. I am so thankful that God sent me an early morning angel and I can only show my gratefulness by being an angel to someone else.

I hope that you have a beautiful good morning and a great day.

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