World Food Day.



Note* This should have been uploaded yesterday but due to error made it was not.


A few months ago I was dating “courting if you are a conservative Christian” a particular guy and like every new relationship it became difficult planning great dates, after spending over an hour trying to decide what we wanted to do and came up empty he suggested that we go to a restaurant. Neither of us were hungry but because we simply wanted to find something to occupy our time we decided to go and pay for food that we really did not need and that we would not finish. I picked at my food and he picked at his, throughout the evening but he could tell that something was on my mind and he was right. My mind was miles away somewhere in The Dominican Republic where I knew that there were kids going to bed hungry as I sat there with plates of food in front of me and drinks simply because I wanted to be entertained. The bill was sixty dollars and like a true gentleman he paid for it and I offered to leave a tip for the waitress. As we headed out of the restaurant he asked if he had offended me in some way and at that point I wasn’t sure that I wanted to tell him exactly what was on my mind but being me, I did.

I told him how much impact that sixty dollars would have on a family, people that I knew, kids that I had seen, mothers whose babies I had held, sixty dollars would make a huge difference in their lives. I remember when I was younger that my parents would tell me not to waste food because there were people out there who did have anything to eat. I was also told to be thankful for whatever food I got because there were those who were praying for just a slice of bread. At that time as a young person I did not understand the devastation that hunger was leaving around the world. People are dying everyday because there is no food for them, others are dying because they may not be able to afford the little food that was available. I did not understand how food shortages were leaving millions of children malnourished and eventually dead. I also didn’t understand that for some families dirt patties can be considered to be food. I did not understand how I as an individual can choose to make a difference simply by the way I live.

There are many people around the world affected by hunger and food shortages and you can help by donating; your time; money, or efforts to put an end to hunger.

Below are are few small organizations making big differences in local communities. These organizations have no administrative fees and all donations go directly to those in need.

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