Push It To The Limit.


It’s been a long time since I last posted regularly so be prepared for an overload, lol, we have some catching up to do. September was my birthday month and it was anything but fun. It was a very difficult month for a lot of personal reasons but it’s over now and I pushed myself to the limit in many ways.

Birthdays are sometimes emotional and overwhelming for me because it hits home that I am getting older and that there are still some things that I have yet to accomplish in my life. Being away from my immediate family makes it harder since I haven’t celebrated a birthday at home with my family during the last ten years so there are a lot of memories being missed but I have absolute great friends who make up for it.

September came with a lot of challenges and reflections and it was at those times that I realized what I am made of. My last birthday I wrote letters to myself every month to be read for this birthday. Those letters included goals and aspirations that I had hoped to achieve but they also included difficulties that I faced during the months leading up to my birthday. I was really excited to be able to look back and read what my life was like during the last year and then the most unbelievable thing happened. I only found one of the letters and it was the first one that I had written on my birthday exactly one year ago. Included in that letter was a heartfelt written note about my situation and a ten dollar bill which was from a customer who gave it to me as a tip to thank me for a smile so early in the morning. I was devastated because I didn’t find the other letters and was actually really upset about it for a long time and I even blamed God at one time. However, I got over my pity party and realized that maybe it was for the best. I think that maybe God realized that I did not need to be reminded about how bad my situation was or how much I did not accomplish and so it was erased. I looked over all the challenges and realized that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and so I did a hand stand.

I realized that challenging myself is the best way to deal with difficulties and I will be doing more challenges so next time look out for a cartwheel.


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