I Finished The Race.

Some weeks ago I participated in my first ever long distance race for a good cause and I did my best and finished. In high school I was always pushed by my coach to long distance races but I opted for the sprints instead simply because in the Caribbean the sprints are crowd favourites. I enjoyed the thought of being the next Debbie Ferguson from The Bahamas or Merlene Ottey from Jamaica and so I chose the sprints over the long distance race until I recently and the Terry Fox Run was just the right place for me to show my long distance skills while running for a great cause and make my coach proud.

It was my first official run and I must admit that I was a bit nervous when I saw everyone else that showed up. Kids, adults, men, women, young, older, experienced and beginners. People showed up for different reasons and for different results. Some people showed up because they were cancer survivors, others showed up because they were cancer fighters, some showed up because they lost loved ones to cancers and others showed up to run for hope that their loved ones can continue to live and I must admit it was a bit overwhelming. A ten year old girl showed up with $1,500 she raised by requesting donations to the cause instead of birthday gifts and now I can admit that she was my biggest inspiration.

We got ready to go and though it was a fun race I had a reason to run and I made sure to give it my all. The route was pretty scenic and the leaves were just beautiful with all their different colours but even they couldn’t keep me from bursting into tears during the race. I have lost people that I love to cancer and every year it seems to be hitting closer and closer to home especially in the last year.

Through it all including the tears I finished my race in the best time possible and I really enjoyed the smiles and cheers from those who came to show support. I will definitely be doing this more often and for different causes and encourage you to do the same. If you are unable to run or walk you can make a donation or simply cheer someone on. The fight is much easier when you all do it together.

It has taken a long time to post the pictures but things have gotten in the way. I do hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the race.

Run for the Cure.





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