My first mini marathon


Tomorrow I will run my first ever mini-marathon and I am simply beyond excited. I have never been a long distance runner though my high school track and field coach always believe that I was and I guess he was right. As I am getting a bit older I have decided to get involved in as much as I can in my community. I want to become more aware of issues that affects my fellow man and what I can do to help and the Terry Fox run is an amazing event to help me start this journey.

The Terry Fox Run is a marathon that helps to raise awareness and funding to cancer research. Terrance Stanley Fox was an athlete, humanitarian, and cancer research activist. In 1980, though he was an amputee, he started on a cross Canada run to raise funds and awareness to research the disease that had taken his leg. Though he was an amputee he did not steps pair but instead found ways to fight back.

Tomorrow I will put on a pair of running shoes and will run not only to keep the memory of this brave young man alive but also keep the flame of hope burning in the fight against cancer. If we all do a little we can change the world.

By the way if you don’t hear from me during the week it will probably be because I am too sore to move. Lol I will share pictures.


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