Watch Me Twerk

patrick twerking

Twerking has always played a huge role in my life and I can twerk like it’s nobody’s business and like there’s no tomorrow yep I’m just that good. I can twerk Haitian style and I can twerk Bahamian style. I twerked in elementary school in The Bahamas while my friends clapped and as we all sang songs like such as “brown girl in the ring”, ‘I ran up on the hill”, and soley married,” though in The Bahamas we called it whinning and it varies slightly to American twerking. To twerk better we sometimes pulled our uniform skirts up over our knees and got down. The better the twerker you were the more people would want to play ring play with you. I also had a few of my male friends who would sometimes twereked in the rain play with us just for fun. As I have gotten older I know twerk as a form of exercise, so once again this good christian girl who grew up in a good christian family with a good preacher for a good dad loves twerking.  Twerking is so popular that it has found itself in the dictionary. If you did not know what twerking was before, I am sure that you found out after Miley Cyrus’ twerking disaster onstage at the 2013 VMAS. It has been the subject of talks shows, gossip columns, headline news on all the major media outlets, youtube videos, favebook status, tweets, instagram pictures, and time after time people have expressed their disbelief, outrage, and shock over Miley’s twerk session. People have expressed their opinions through every possible avenue on this particular subject and ask their friends to share the information with others and now I am about to do the same.

If you would please take a minute and think about all the you heard about twerking during this week. How many times did you read about why you should not allow your daughter to twerk or how you should tell your boys to react to girls who twerk? Did you form an opinion on the subject? Did you watch videos on youtube about twerking? Have you decided to take a stand for or against twerking and made sure to let everyone of your friends kno? Have you now become thoroughly informed about the dangers of twerking and how it can negatively impact not just your child’s future but your community? I’m am sure that just like many others you have formed an opinion and you have allowed your opinion to be heard. I am also sure that you have decided that twerking is bad and should be stopped or you may be a rebel and see twerking as a sign of expression. Now, consider all the information that you have read about, heard about, or shared about the war on Syria? It’s ok, you can take a minute or two and think about it.

Admit it, you’re lost aren’t you? You probably don’t even know where Syria is on the map, you probably have no clue of what’s happening in Syria and how long it has been happening. You ahve no idea how the population of not just Syria but surrounding nations will be affected. You probably have not seen any status updates or angry posts from fellow parents urging you to read this article about how bad this war may be. You probably have not seen videos on youtube urging you to inform yourself on this war and about how it affects you. You probably haven’t seen celebrities teaching their hosts about the tradegy happening right now in Syria as opposed to celebrities teaching their hosts how to twerk. You probably may be thinking that the war isn’t close to home so it doesn’t affect you, that it’s none of your business what they do on that side of the world, that they’re always fighting anyway and that this will just continue. You’re probably thinking that countries should go in Syria and take any measures necessary to rid whatever evil that is lurking there. Well I decided that I want to twerk for Syria.

I have decided to take a stand against this and other wars that benefit only certain agendas. I decided that I will inform myself about what is going on in Syria and around the world. I have decided that I will not chew what I am fed by the media but I will do my own research. Instead of paying to go and watch other people twerk at parties for whatever reason, that I will instead attend lectures that will inform me how I can help the millions of people who have now become displaced due to this war. I have decided that instead of spending my ten bucks to purchase music that ask ladies to “twerk something” or to simply “twerk it” that I would donate that money to the local food bank instead. I have decided instead of joining facebook groups about the latest dance craze or watch videos on youtube that will teach me how to dance “Ganagnum Style ” that I will continue to inform myself how I can make the world a peaceful place. I have decided that instead of preaching my religion that I will live what my religion preaches. I have decided that twerking should never and will never become more important than lives affected by war. I have decided that I will support PEACE….. always.

“First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.”  Martin Niemöller


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