Blessed by Gaining Weight

Allow me tell you a little story. I bought a skirt three years ago and it was too big but I still bought because it was on sale. The last time I wore it two years ago I had to pin it. I started to get dress for church this morning and picked it out. I put the skirt on and it barely got over my thighs and it was giving me so much of a back action for church that  I had to pull my top down to cover it. While some may see it as gaining weight I see it as gaining a sense of happiness. When I was younger, I was always that “skinny minny”, during my teen years I upgraded to being petite, but that didn’t stop the constant teasing that came along with being the size of a tooth pick.

In the past year I have gained a bit of weight, and at first I was worried, truth be told I am still a bit worried. When clothes no longer fit I started  to panic for a bit,  but now I have come to to the point of seeing everything in my life as a blessing and learning to embrace them. I told myself that if I plan to  have a baby sometime soon that I need to prepare my mind, body, and soul for that journey, so this morning when my skirt barely passed my derriere I saw it as blessings piling on, literally.
We need to know that blessings come in different shapes and sizes. It’s up to us to see them as blessings or as a curse. I didn’t always think like this so it may take a while to come to that realization.  I decided that I’m just going to enjoy my weight gain for now and maybe eat a salad and a carrot stick sometime next month. I’m happy because I’m confident and I’m confident because I serve a mighty God. So go ahead and eat that last piece of cheese cake to the honour and glory of God.



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