“Be Your Best You”

It was 12:30 a.m  and my friend said those words to me shaking every bone in my body and every tiny part of my brain. I was restless and unable to sleep due to the many thoughts and questions running through my mind and many of those question were in the form of algebra and mathematics and sleep was nowhere to be found. In addition to algebra and math questions there were also questions for God about my life and those around me. I was worried and I had good reason to be but worrying was getting me nowhere fast. The more restless I became the more questions I had  so I did what any smart person would do during this time period, I sent my friend a facebook message.

The time difference between us was two hours but yet he responded. After listening to me rant about everything under the sun he simply said ” the world is made better by a better “you”, so be your best You”. I may have heard those words a million times but when I heard them in that specific way it spoke to every part of me. While it may sound like an everyday, normal saying to some, to me it was words of wonder, especially at mid-night when I needed it most.

I was always trying to be the best but not necessarily my best self. At times, we try so hard to be what we “think”  we should be that we often never get to be our true selves. We spend more time trying to perfect our imperfections that we  do not find the time to show our perfections. Our relationship with God often suffer because we are too busy trying to be the best “Christian” that we forget to simply be a child of God and allow Him to perfect us.

When we have become our better selves, the world can see and feel it and it will change the world. Nelson Mandela said it best ” There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” We sometimes can not see the best in ourselves but we should never stop trying to find it. Find your best you and use it to bring out the best in others, your best smile, your best handshake, your best baked cookies, your best good morning, your best forgiveness, your best apology, your best laughter and your best tears, just bring it all out and show the world ” Your best You”.


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