Lesson from an Ice Tray


Ice_cubes_openphoto (1)

I had just walked into my house after a long run and was dripping with sweat but headed straight to the refrigerator for some iced cold refreshing water. I had my water bottle with me and as I still had some more of my workout left to do I decided to fill it up with some ice cubes and water. I took the ice tray out and then realized that getting the ice cubes out of the tray would be as much challenging as my run earlier.

I tried twisting the tray in every direction but the cubes would not even budge. I was not happy because I was thirsty and hot and the ice tray was not cooperating so I decided to do what every smart person would do, and ran the ice tray under some water from the kitchen sink. As soon as the water started to run over the tray I could hear a crackling sound as the ice cubes started to separate. As I continued to hold the tray under the running water, a thought suddenly came to mind that never did before and believe me I had done this before but the thought gave me a lesson that I would never forget, sometimes the very ones who should hold us together are the same ones breaking us apart.

I stood there longer than I should as the lesson became clearer to me, ice was simply frozen water right? Then how is it that the water was breaking the ice cubes apart? Shouldn’t the water solidify it even more? I  understand the chemical process of water freezing just like the next person but the story here is that you can use the same base to destroy something strong. The ice cubes would not budge against my strong muscles twisting and turning them in any and every direction but the moment I ran them under water they began to pull apart. Is it not like many of us in our daily lives. We have family and friends and loved ones who are part of our inner circle, the form our base and our foundation, our support system, at least that’s what they should be right? We count on these people for strength and support and encouragement for the most difficult times, however, sometimes when other people and difficult situations don’t break us our very own family and friends and fellow church members have the easy task of doing that.  I have gone through long periods of not being able to depend on those who should have been my base of support, rather, they were the ones tearing me down, pulling me apart, and breaking me down. Words especially can be harmful, just like the cold water, they should be a building tool, a form of continuous binding, a strong support system. Instead, the words from those closest to us often times, are like tools that simply chip at us where it hurts the most, they form the circle that others can use easily to break us down faster. We often think of them as a support system and so, trust them with our deepest secrets and sometimes it is exactly what they use tear our hearts apart.

I am not sure why I got that lesson when I did because I have ran water over ice trays numerous times but maybe it was simply God’s way of teaching me a great lesson using something that I can relate to. I am so thankful for little lessons everyday but I am even more thankful when I can apply them to my own life.

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