Let me just say that…..



I now have a deeper sense of appreciation for writers and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I remember how I would wait for favourite author  “Ann M. Martin during my teen years and Khaled Hosseini now that I am a mature young woman” and I would ponder day and night about what could possibly be taking them so long. I mean all you do is write and publish it right? How hard could that be?

I absolutely love writing and sharing my personal stories because I feel that in some way they may help someone going through a struggle. I cherish the gift of writing and story telling and see them as talents trusted to me by God. However, life has its fair of challenges that we must all face with at some point in our lives. The month of June has not been kind to me at all. I have had to deal with some really difficult challenges that have affected my writing because they have affected my life.

Through it all though, I did come out stronger than before which means that I only have more stories to write about and share with you. I have some great exclusive interviews in store as well as information that I think you, my dear readers will find more than inspiring. 

Once again I do apologize and I hope that we will continue to share more stories with each other to inspire greatness.

Kisses, hugs and all the best.


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