Thank God for my Dad.


On days such as this millions around the world claim that their father, dad, step father, papa, padre, papi or pere is the best in the world and every one has a reason to make that claim. Those of us who have our fathers present in our lives or fathers who have passed on but played an important role make us feel as if we have or had something special and for that reason alone we all are right. For different reasons who all think that this  special man was placed in our lives to make us better, to make us feel prettier, to show us how important we are. Father’s day is special because it reminds us not to take these men for granted, it allows us to be thankful for them, and it shows us what kind of husband and father we want for ourselves and our children.

Many take having a father present in their lives for granted every day. Not until a situation arise where he is no longer able to be there every day do some realize the importance of having a father. Father’s day sometimes force us to remember and acknowledge the fathers or father figures in our lives. I met my father for the first time when I was seven years old, due to some circumstances he had to leave my mom and I when I was six years old. During that period my grand father was my father even though I communicated with my dad through letters and the occasional phone call I felt distant from him. To me he was that relative that you are forced to be polite to that you saw or heard from occasionally. Even though we lived apart it was obvious that I was his daughter. People often commented on how much alike my dad and I were even though we were not around each other, we also look like twins apparently, though I do not see it.  People always told me that we had similar characteristics and mannerisms, some for better while others for worse. We had a  troubled relationship for it took a long time for us to get adjusted to each other. I remember my dad being the hardest working man that I knew. As a Haitian immigrant living in The Bahamas, he worked long and hard to provide the best for us. He never turned down and honest day’s wages and was always a model employee. I use to be so proud of my dad though I actually never told him. When I moved away from home to attend college is when I realized how important this man was in my life.

In addition to being a father, my dad was also a spiritual leader. I was introduced to God through him. Prayer played an important role in his life and so became a part of mine. He always looked for an opportunity to present God to those around him and I think that his biggest message was his lifestyle. No matter where we lived or where he worked he was always referred to  as; pastor or priest and he was neither one. He was just a preacher with a ninth grade education who loved to read with the Bible being his favourite book. I remember that he would take hours doing research, meditating, praying and spending time in consecration in order to prepare a sermon for church whether it was for Sabbath morning or Wednesday prayer service. He always had a sermon prepared and was always ready to deliver one. As I grow older and we once again live apart I can not help but thank God everyday for my dad. Everything I am today is because of what he has sacrificed for me. He went above and beyond to ensure that each of his children received or college education. I am thankful to God for blessing me with this awesome man I call dad.

With my dad playing such a huge role in my life he has left a mold of the type of man that I want to become my husband and father to children. My dad was always neatly dressed even when he worked as a landscaper. He set out his rules but most importantly he set examples for us. God came first in everything. My dad taught us honesty and to always fight for justice and for those less fortunate in  our communities. I remember my dad always making time to give a listening ear those those in our church who needed it. He played role of counselor, shepherd, lawyer, taxi driver, and most importantly friend to many who lived in our community. Our home was not one where domestic violence ever took place. I have never witnessed my dad raising his voice or hand to my mother and that has been one of the factors that I look for in male companions.

On this day my dad is not here with me, he is currently in the mountains of Haiti along with my mother preaching the gospel. Along with my mother and the blessings of God, they make it their mission to spread the gospel throughout parts of Haiti that others have long forgotten. Though money is often scarce and they are never sure where they will lay their heads at night they believe in helping others and will continue to do that as long as they live. I pray everyday that God will bless me with a family so that my children will get to know the great man that my dad is. If I am not fortunate enough to have a family while he is still alive I pray and hope that we will all be united in heaven one day, because that’s my dad’s prayer and mine also.


2 thoughts on “Thank God for my Dad.

    • Absolutely. My dad like many other immigrant fathers worked so hard. All I can do is pray that God continues to bless him and hope that I make him proud. Thanks for the comment

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