Celebrating the Sport of Sailing

What’s up everyone? I know what you must all be thinking, “what’s this guy doing writing an article for a blog called littlemissgoodytwoshoes?!?”. Well the truth is that I am Dee’s design ninja and web guru (ha!), but aside from this I am a Fine Artist and a Professional competitive sailor. As such, a few weeks ago when my home; the sunny island paradise of Exuma, Bahamas was hosting its 60th Annual National Family Island Regatta…Dee practically begged (ok… begged is a bit of exaggeration because I’ll do practically anything she asks of me) me to write an article for this here blog. So without further ado…

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has a rich history and tradition of sailing, this being due in large part to us being a fairly large archipelago. For generations the primary means of transport between islands and even distant communities on the same island was on the sea via sailboats that carried every kind of cargo imaginable. In 1953, a group of Bahamians, British and American Expatriates came up with the idea of getting the Bahamian work boats to compete against each other in a series of races to determine who was the best skipper and who had the fastest boat. This grouping was known as “The Out Island Squadron” and when scores of them descended upon the pristine waters of Elizabeth Harbour, George Town, Exuma that April of 1953 a cultural sensation was born.

Fast forward 60 years and the ideals of that group of gentlemen still lives on. The boats are no longer the practical working boats that sailed into George Town with a hold full of conch and a deck full of produce and goats, they are now purebred racing machines designed with one purpose in mind: being the fastest thing on the water. Thankfully the organizing authority saw fit to place restrictions on the way the boats can be designed so that the racing machines of today still have the spirit of the working boats of old.

Anyway I think I’ve bored you all quite enough with my writing (I’m not as eloquent as the fabulous Ms. Dee) but I do have a treat for you all.

If you head on over to my portfolio site (shameless plug, I know.) http://www.michaelknowl.es/portfolio/60th-nfir/ and http://www.michaelknowl.es/portfolio/60th-nfir-ii/ for some of my own photos from the event to gain an appreciation of just what I’ve been babbling on about.

I also have uploaded a series of videos on YouTube of the racing & the performance of the Royal Bahamas Police Force marching band. The playlist can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi465bK2Fu9JVl3QXPnifIh6Aha3-C2fR … make sure to watch in HD! 🙂


Until next time, stay classy San Diego. (Random Anchorman reference)

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