George Beverly Shea,The Singing Minister.


To say that I was shocked when I learned of the death of the great George Beverly Shea would be putting it mildly I think I am still trying to accept it. He is one of the most recognized Christian artists and his talent is simply God given and God blessed. His voice always seemed like silk to me, a never ending roll of silk.  I was introduced to his music by the Billy Graham Ministries that would air every Sunday on the national television station on our little island of Nassau in The Bahamas.  I introduced his music to my then ten year old brother who instantly fell in love with it and it has kept our family going ever since.

I knew that there was something special about George Beverly Shea when my brother would listen to his music over and over again and practice singing like him. I got him a cassette tape of some of George Beverly Shea’s recording and that was when my brother really fell in love with music. From that day on he told everyone in our family that he was going to be a musician and he did.

I enjoyed the music of this great man not only because of the rhythm or notes but of the  words and of the passion. By the way, did you know that he was Canadian? I just had to sneak that in there. His songs took me through the trials of puberty, failed exams, nature walks, and just spending some really good time in prayer with God. It always seemed that his music always called me to reflect on God and look forward to heaven.

I can honestly say that I am happy and proud that he was alive during my generation and that I got to hear his music on a daily basis. He was 104 years old and I am sure that God wanted to make sure that he had enough time to spread the gospel. He will be missed tremendously but his words, his music, and his legacy will be here for quite a while.

Just in case you needed a reminder of his wonderful legacy flip through your hymnal and belt out a few notes of some of your favourite songs that he sang. Below are a few of mine

I’d rather have Jesus

The Wonder of it all

Until Then

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