The Spotlight is on…



A Beautiful Mind. I am very selective when it comes to movies that I watch which is why even though I got this movie over a year ago I did not watch it until last week Saturday. I heard about it but had never before seen a trailer or a review on it simply because I was not interested. I must say that for some reason I thought that it was about a musician. I found “A Beautiful Mind” to be challenging, entertaining, but above all, inspiring.

A Beautiful Mind was released in 2001 and was based on the life of brilliant but oftentimes socially awkward John Nash played by Russell Crowe. The film stayed away from useless information and boring the viewer with drawn out plots. As the film progresses it begins to challenge the viewer of what’s real and what’s not.

My assumptions of the movie was all wrong but I think that my wrong assumptions made me like it even more. It made me think and it made me question myself as to what I would have done had I been one of the characters. It challenged me. I found myself suddenly questioning many things that I had once believed. The human mind, the human body, and love, what were they really? When you take an oath and you swear that you will be with your spouse “For better or for worse, through sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, till death do us part” do you really mean that or are you just repeating it?  Whenever you watch this movie “I think that I might be one of the only few persons who had not seen it before” leave yourself open to a new challenge.

Though some minor details were changed in the film the focus remained  to inspire people to do the best in whichever way they can under any situation. It made a call to inspire families to continue to support and love one another no matter how difficult a situation may be. Make it work. Personally, I learned a lot of lessons from that movie and it has moved up to the number spot of must watch movies and I have been talking about it all week.  I think it’s a great movie for couples who are dating to watch as well as families because it will make you think about how you can love someone no matter what.

I didn’t give much details about the movie simply to leave you with an opened-mind as you watch it. Be sure to leave comments if you have seen it before. I would love to hear your take on it.

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