30 Days of Prayer Revisited



The thing about prayer and prayer request is that we always know what we plan on saying to God but as I mentioned in one of my list preparing for the 30 days of prayer we sometimes don’t take the time to listen when God speaks to us and even worse we sometimes do not know how to react.

After messing up the days of prayer and jumping from day four to day six “blame the late arrival of spring for that” I got back to prayer and searching scriptures and writing to make sure that I not only caught up but actually got everything prepared. That was my plan but God has another plan.

As I was getting my thoughts together and I was sharing a friend of mine about how I was going to compile a prayer list for the rest of the 30 days of prayer. He listened and then said something that took me completely by surprise. “Why do people need a prayer list?” At first I wasn’t sure what to think of his question but as he began to explain it more I began to understand.  He said “the best conversations are not scripted, there are no lists, and there is not a check list”.  Why then do we need them to talk to God? I was lost in thought for a couple of minutes as I thought it over and realized that he was right.

God wants us to have a free conversation with Him. He’s not Santa Clause so we don’t need to feel as if we have to somehow come before Him with a checklist. Just say what’s on your mind, freely and honestly.

So here I am encouraging you to keep on your 30 days of prayer but this time don’t make space for preconceived thoughts, questions or answers when you go before God, just PRAY.

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