Prayer Tools Needed? Day 5


There are very few things that you need when praying and they are all at the tip of your fingers. The tools that we should use have already been given to us, but it’s know what they are that’s the problem. Faith, a listening ear, and patience are your biggest tools in your prayer life.

I am sure that you have heard the following story. “There were some village people who decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all but only one boy came with an umbrella. That’s faith.” How much faith must that little boy had to come prepared to accept the answers to his prayer? We must come to God with the faith knowing that He will give us what we need, not what we want but need.  It is important that we come with an attitude of faith. With that said I’m going to continue looking at wedding dresses while I wait on my soon to be husband. Lol, Lol.

When we pray to God we often forget that it should be a conversation and not just a request line. We would list all of our requests and questions and then just sit and wait for Him to wave a magic wand. There are times that God just wants to speak back to us, to commune with us. Remember Moses and the burning bush? He must have been listening in order to hear God’s voice. Remember little Samuel? He too must have been listening even though he wasn’t sure who was speaking. There are times that we ought to turn of the television, take the head phones off, turn off the laptops, turn off the cell phones, turn of the radio and just listen out for God. In your prayer ask Him to speak back to you. Tell Him that you want to hear His voice. Just like the little boy who brought his umbrella be prepared when He does speak to you.

Over and over again people will talk about “the patience of Job” and that’s because he was a very patient man. He waited on God to make things right in God’s time. I’m sure that he must have felt like he was going through hell when everything was happening but he didn’t give up. Remember  Joseph and the years that he spent in prison after being falsely accused of …….rape? Can you imagine how much he must have prayed to God? Can you imagine how he felt knowing that he did nothing wrong but was wasting away in prison? Those years however, made him into a great leader. A sex offender became a prime minister.

There is nothing that God can not do but we must have faith in Him and give Him the chance to speak to us but also, to be patient as He works out miracles in our lives. When we pray remember that it is more than just words, that it is a job and as with any job you need not just tools but the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Do you have your prayer tools ready?

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