Where Should I Pray? Day 4


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If you have asked that question before be rest assured that you are not alone. As we have discovered prayer is a big issue and many people want to make sure that they are doing it correctly and there is nothing wrong with that. Prayer is a form of communication and we all know that saying the wrong thing at the place place can lead to more harm than good. To have a good conversation you want to be comfortable and at ease and the same thing goes for prayer. You should be able to pray anywhere you want as along as you are; comfortable, willing, and open-hearted. Don’t let your place of prayer get into the way of your prayer life.

People find many different places to pray. Some like nature, by a beach, under a tree or a prayer grotto. Wherever you are most comfortable with is the best place. I find it best when I have made a certain spot my prayer spot. If you can, make sure that the place is clean and quiet and not busy and distracting. When you are in a place that is noisy and cluttered your mind tend to wander and drift off.  At work during my 15 minutes of rest period I would go into the staff room and sometimes into the bathroom and say my prayers in there. When I worked at my previous job there was a Catholic church “remember Hannah” nearby and I always took advantage of it and would often spend my lunch times there just humming away.  There are some places like Nassau, Bahamas that actually have prayer grottos and they offer you; space, solitude and privacy.

Not everyone is afforded the privilege of being able to simply walk into a cathedral, a prayer grotto or on pink sandy beaches to talk to God. Some are chained in prison cells, hooked up to machines in hospital rooms, or simply not allowed to prayer where they are and that is where your willingness comes in. Peter and Paul both prayers in prison cells, Jesus prayed on a cross, Jonah prayed in the belly of a fish and Moses prayed in the desert. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are willing to have that conversation. I think some of the most earnest prayers have come from some of the darkest places that we could imagine.

Remember the story that Jesus told about the publican and the Pharisee? If not read here you go “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq0czWE7Ezs”.  Remember that prayer should be honest and earnest and not boastful so guard your prayer while you’re in public. While it is a great thing to publicly thank God for what He has done, you don’t want to create a spectacle. Instead of announcing that you are going to pray do it silently and reverently, that, will bring more glory to God than disturbing those around you . While praying in public remember not to be an authoritarian to those around you. If someone declines your invitation to join hands for prayer that is their right but pray anyhow without passing judgment.

Remember intimate conversations are great and prayer works just the same.  Find yourself a prayer spot and visit it regularly.

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