Tribute to Roger Ebert


I am a professional reader and an amateur writer and I grew up reading what Roger Ebert had to say and from a very young age wanted to be like him. I wanted to be the person who gave thumbs up or thumbs down to new books. I wanted to be the first one to read a book and then say “yeah that was a great book”. I would often look for Ebert’s review of a show before even thinking if I should see it or not.

His battle with cancer was a very long and difficult one but it never seemed to stop him from doing what he loved most. Even after suffering from surgeries that altered the way he looked he didn’t stay hidden out of fear or shame. He did what he knew how to do and did it well.

One of my favourite memories of Roger Ebert was not about one of the articles that he wrote, or his appearance on a  tv show, it was his appearance on my all time favourite show Sesame Street and I will never forget it. I thought that if he was kool enough to be on Sesame Street that he was kool enough for me to a a fan.

So my tribute to his legacy is how I will always remember him.

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