Clean Up Those Around You.


I woke up today with the intention of starting the “Spring Clean Up” article on a totally different subject but as the day went by things happened that changed my mind very quickly.  Nothing is more important than the people you have around you. Family, friends, associates, co-workers, employees, employers, church members and spiritual leaders, we’re surrounded by people wherever we are. Now that’s not a bad thing, we were meant to be around people, but when those same people should be bringing positivity into our lives, encouraging us, supporting us and helping us are doing the opposite, it’s time to clean them out.

I deleted a close family member from my friend’s list today on facebook and I also deleted a friend of mine from my contact list on my phone. I had been trying now for months to continue a relationship with my family and I admit that it is hard, especially when I live on a totally different continent but it was wearing me out. I was losing sleep over the fact that even though I was reaching out to this family member that he did not even seem remotely interested. It was hard for me to do because I thought it was a bit selfish. However, what would I gain by keeping him on my friend’s list having my hopes dashed everyday when I don’t get a message from him?

Look at those people around you and do some spring cleaning. Some people are simply there to take up space, some are there to discourage you , some are there to get you angry or upset, some are there to keep you feeling guilty while continuously bring up your past. You need a break from them so clean them out and when the time is right if they thought that you were important enough to them they would still be there for you.

It will probably be the hardest thing to do but you know what it will show you just how strong a person you are and how good a person they were to you.

Get the cleaning.

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