Why Pray? Day 3


power of prayer

When people ask me why should they pray, it always leaves me asking myself the same question. I am going to be honest and say that I am afraid of prayer and for good reasons. I like to dainty prayers that I say right before jumping in bed or right before walking out the door however; intense, seasons of prayers scares me because I am sometimes afraid of what will happen when God answers those prayers however He chooses to. When Jesus was on earth he prayed and we can see by His examples why we should pray.

Prayer, like I said before is a conversation. Every relationship depends on communication to survive and the best form of communication in relationships is conversing but also listening. When we pray, it is because we want to talk to God, we want to express to Him fully what’s on our hearts, our minds and our burdens. Sometimes we pray for ourselves and other times we pray for others, whatever the reason, the reason why we pray is helps.

Knowing why we pray sometimes better prepares us for whatever response or answer we get. We need to remember that whatever reason we have to pray to God is ours and ours alone. Never let someone tell you that you shouldn’t take a matter to God as it is too trivial or too big a deal, that is not for them to decide. I once prayed to God to give me back my healthy hair.

I was sick and so I was stressing and the stress led to me losing my hair, which added more stress. I didn’t like the way I looked and I took that simple matter to God and I am living proof that God listens to everything that we say to Him, no matter how small the matter is.

Any reason you find to pray is a good reason.

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