Just Shut Up and Be Thankful


 After a very difficult and sleepless night I woke up today to run errands to make sure that I would be able to face my biggest challenges which included trying to find a way to complete my education degree which has now become a ten year battle. As I walked about the town the only thing on my mind was how some people take their blessings like education for granted when others like myself would do just about anything for it. These thoughts were still on my mind as I walked into our local Subway for breakfast. The place was nearly empty except for the server and two other ladies having a conversation and myself. I purchased my meal and sat down to eat when I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation that the two women were having. One lady in particular was letting her feelings and opinions be known very loudly about her frustrations with the Canadian government.

She was frustrated because she wanted her name to be changed but didn’t want to fill out the paperwork. She had been married for over thirty-two years and took her husband’s name but instead if hyphenating her maiden name she simply added her husband’s name thus her maiden name became her middle name . Now that she had to travel to Mexico she needed a passport but her names had to be in order but she said “I just refuse to fill out the paper work why can’t they just fix it? “. Her rant continued on why the government should make things easier “just fix it”. She was tired of the bureaucracy and fed up with the government sending her papers about what they planned to do and asking her to fill out surveys. She was especially tired of politicians and get this;  paying taxes,  at this point I wanted to stand on one of the stools and scream at the top of my lungs “JUST SHUT UP AND BE THANKFUL”.
I wanted to tell her to be thankful for having a stable government and a stable country where coup d’etats  were unheard of and civil wars were something that she only read about in history books or watch on the evening news. I wanted to say be thankful for government services such as social services and welfare. Be thankful for the law enforcement officers that respond whenever you call. Be thankful that your taxes allow the government to educate your children  and grandchildren for free and not to mention for health care and so many other services. There are thousands of people who risk their lives everyday and spend the little they have to reach this land of opportunity that you take for granted. There are people who would do anything to change citizenship with you and all you do is complain. Take the opportunity that your county give you and go to school and get a degree so that you can help others who are not afforded this opportunity. Volunteer to help those who are less fortunate than you are. Donate a bit of your tax refund by sponsoring a child.  Next time book your vacation to a place like the Dominican Republic and instead of staying at a resort during your entire month go out into some of the immigrant villages and help to build a home or help at a children’s clinic.
I wanted to say all these things and more at the top of my lungs, I especially wanted to say ” JUST SHUP UP AND BE THANKFUL” but as I live in Canada and my shouting might be labelled a public disturbance I just continued eating my subway sandwich  and just mumbled it under my breath.



Psalm 136. ‘ O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good”.

4 thoughts on “Just Shut Up and Be Thankful

  1. This is so true! Sometimes we overlook our blessings/ privileges and misinterpret them for obligations. I can totally relate to this because I know what it feels like to not have what I am blessed with now. Through my years of experience in different lifestyles, one thing God has always taught me is to be grateful. (Godliness with contentment is great gain 1Tim 6:6) Thanks for sharing Dee.. This was a timely reminder for me.

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