Days of Blueberries, Hot mocha and Shoveling Snow. “True Love Day Two”

tea pot
I have been keeping an eye out for inspiration of true love since the month of February rolled in with its cold winds and feet of snow and I found it sitting perfectly today in a hospital waiting area.

I have always been drawn to watching older couples and sometimes wish that they would share their secrets with me about true love.  When I hear of couples who have been married for twenty years and more I always feel as if they have some hidden knowledge that the rest of us are unaware of and this elderly couple at the hospital gave me a quick glimpse of what true love and I then realized that the recipe for true love includes blueberries, hot mocha and of course shoveling snow.

I was waiting for my x-ray results and started to read a book when an elderly man came in wheeling his wife in a wheel chair. I immediately put my book down hoping that I will get a bit of their story just by watching and listening to them

The lady looked like she had a stroke and was in long term care. He wheeled her over to a table and told her that he was going to treat her to her favourite drink, a hot mocha. She seemed excited for a minute and then the expression suddenly left her face. Her husband then began to tell her stories of all their years together, most of which she seemed to have no recollection.

He told her her stories of how they loved to go picking blueberries and how much he loved how she always found a recipe that called for blueberries. He also told her about how they had to shovel their own driveway after the kids moved away to attend school and how much fun it was  and that it was their form of exercise. At times her eyes would light up and she would nod in agreement and at other times she seemed to be far away as if in some distant land.

No matter how far away she seemed to be her husband kept telling her stories and making sure that she was sipping on her homemade mocha. He would often pat her hands as if confirming that those were indeed great times.

As I left the waiting area I learned a very important lesson in true love. Creating memories are important. At the end of the day when the kids are gone, age is creeping in and you are retired it will be the memories that will take a relationship through it all. It’s the memories, the laughter, the petty arguments, the funny moments, the special moments and even the sad times that will last. No matter how the brain starts to slow down the memories will always find a way to creep back up and light up your face. I will never forget to include the little things like blueberries, hot mocha and shoveling snow into a relationship with my true love.


“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”


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